AC Voltage filters

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My name is Kent and I work in a weight sinsitive production company. We have steady growth and Six Sigma changes that miss far too many points of minutia. What I am looking for with my new gifted project is this... My weigh decks will track to 1/1000 of a pound. During callibration, and the line static, I can find up to 30 mvdc of noise. Granted the feeder power is fed from the same source as 480 vac, 277vac, and in this case my 110vac.

I need to filter all noise and control out put power... No noise, controlled 110vac output, any thoughts will be appreciated.

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What are you using for power to your equipment? A good power supply should be able to deal with some level of line noise and not let it pass through.

What kind of load cells do you use? We will need some details before we can offer sensible advice. You must have a lot of bits in the A to D conversion to catch 1/1000 of a pound. I used to work for Oribitran. It made a 25 bit converter in-house. Cost a fortune, too. The resistors in the ladder were .01%.