AC to AC Adapter wiring HELP!!

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    Feb 22, 2011
    I have a PetSafe underground fence im trying to fix. My problem is that i have the radio box and the transformer but the wire that connects the transformer(Power Supply) to the box is missing. The adapter apparently had a detatchable cord. one end of the cord is supposed to have a 4 pin mini-din connector. The transformer is a 120vac to 12vac 850mw , it only has 2 leads. What im trying to do is connect the 2 leads to an old S-video cord which i cut one end off of but im not sure which wires to connect to which? there is a red wire a white wire and a black wire and a yellow wire. With the cord plugged into the box, using an ohm meter i get almost no resistance between red and white. the other two have a very high resistance between red, and white. Any ideas?

    ***Edit** oh and the black and yellow wires each go through seperate fuses in the circuit if that helps? suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    Post with pictures, this will give us a better idea on how to do this