AC induction Motor driven by Vector Inverters

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Hello Guy's.
    This is something I was just wondering.
    I do repair vector Inverters, the kind that Speeds up 3 phase motors via frequency change. As a matter of fact I have one in the workshop right now.
    It has blown IGBT's. The new parts had arrived.
    So any ways, Just thinking what type of motors are driven by these, I know it has 3 inputs and is rated at 240V DC. Maximum frequency is 60HZ.

    Are these regular 3 phase 220V induction motors. or special types. Had any one any idea on these.
    If these a regular induction motor than I can drive any of the type with pulsed 3 phase DC rated at proper voltage. Right.
    And also may be I can drive a Compressor in the AirCon's to minimize surge current and increase efficiency. Like inverter AC's that are in the market.

    This would be great project and will create a lot of market here. :D

    What do you think.. is this possible

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