AC/DC Relay Board used Via Float S/ to control pump help needed :)

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    Jan 19, 2011

    Hello To All First Post Here hoping for a bit of help

    The project is a Particular Low Voltage Magnetic Float switch used to run a Clarke 250 watt pump through a Relay Board. The coil input would be powered by a 12v ac/dc adaptor. Here is the relay board I selected its cheap but looks capable of switching the high AC current I want. It is primarily used for security but can also be used in hobby projects.

    I understand the Clarke Range comes with the option of an incorporated switch but for this particular application and a few future projects I am looking to use these low voltage magnetic float sensors

    I was hoping that this switch would attach at one side to + (live) jumper pin at one end of the float switch and - (negative) jumper pin but not sure if the E (earth) jumper pin would be used at all. Can the float switch be used on the jumpers and if so what wire arrangement would be best. It is already wired to protect against surges I believe so this should protect the switch or do I need to go further?

    The Swtich itself would be running this pump and I was going to rewire it thru an RCD plug for extra precations.

    I am unsure of how to wire the pump thru the relay according to the pinout and diagram I put together. It would be a big help if someone could point me in the right direction. I have enough electical knowledge to take the project on with some help but will invite an electrician friend round to check it over after I have completed the build.

    I am guessing the pump plug via RCD is the power source and 12v ac/dc adaptor just a coil switching with the added float to complete the circuit. What terminals would I connect Live, Earth, and Neutral too from the RCD into the relay side Common, N/C, and N/O terminals? Pin arrangement and explanations would be a big help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated the finished project will be checked over and insulated to the proper standards. I would really like to have a shot at building this.

    Any help critisisms or additions are welcome provided they come with a clear explanation. Thank You all in advance for the help and feel free to modify or add to the very basic diagram I put together . A complete color coded circuit wud be very helpful indeed :).
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