AC-DC mains power adaptor with multiple outputs ?

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I have a problem which must be a very common one for computer users - too many mains adaptors !
For instance, I have six external hard drives for my video collection. Each has a mains adaptor. Then there is a USB concentrator - with a mains adaptor. A Netbook puts the data on the wireless network. That has a mains adaptor too.
That all adds up to a lot of cables, mains sockets and general mess

It seems to me that it should be possible to buy a mains power unit which will provide a range of DC output voltages to the usual range of plugs --- in parallel. That's to say to replace 8 mains adaptors with one unit with multiple outputs.

However I can't find such a unit for sale on the Net. So - two questions, if I may...
1. Is it technically possible ?
2. Anybodyt heard of one for sale ?