Ac current flow

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I have connected a leg of bulb with ac voltage source & connected other leg to wall of my room which might be from earth. Bulb glows.
Now my question is ac current flow in one direction during +ve half & during -ve half in reverse direction or more specifically electron flow in opposite direction. (attached is page.pdf)

So when conventional current flows during +ve cycle that means electron flows in opposite direction i.e from earth to voltage source.
How can this happen, electron comes via earth



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Earth is just the common return line (all earth connections are connected together) for the AC current. So the electrons flow out of the generator to ground and the back out of the ground to the load. Nothing is created or destroyed.

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How can electrons flow out of earth.
I haven't connected other leg to neutral. If bulb is connected b/w line & neutral. It can be understood.

But earth is something different. Yes it is considered a zero potential. But how can electron flow out of earth.


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I'm surprised that no-one (myself included) cautioned the OP concerning the risk involved in their experiment with the light globe and 220Vac.

Presumably some caution was exercised by the OP, but the prospect of someone with a wire in hand connected through a light globe to active 220Vac wandering over to a "wall" and testing continuity to the building frame somewhat bemuses me.