About to make a small order, what parts should I add?

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I'm new to electronics and I'm about to make my first order. Are there any parts that I should throw in ( ie common resistors, caps,LEDs,etc) to save on shipping in the future?


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Make sure you have at least the E12 series of resistor values, preferably E24. A range of ceramic capacitors is also a basic requirement. For educational experiments and basic hobby use you will need small signal diodes such as 1N4148 or 1N914, NPN transistors such as 2N3904 and 2N2222, PNP transistors such as 2N3906 and a few common ICs like LM317 adjustable voltage regulators and NE555 timers. Of course you know you want an assortment of LEDs.

I like some of the component grab bags and assortments from Jameco Electronics but I also recommend surplus vendors such as All Electronics. Velleman makes a pack of 610 (10@) E12 resistors which I've seen priced around $7.

P.S. When asking for sourcing information it helps to have your location indicated in your profile. The sources I mentioned are mostly U.S. but if you're somewhere else, other vendors may be more economical.


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Additionally, you might want to make sure you have some basic pushbuttons and switches, maybe a piezo buzzer or two, and a fixed-output voltage regulator like 7805 (5 V) for a common voltage so you don't have to set up the LM317 adjustable regulator in every circuit.

For digital logic you might want some basic ICs like hex inverters (like 7414) NAND gates (like 7400), and flip-flops (like 7475).

Depending on if you want to use batteries for you circuits or just wall brick power adapters, you might want some 9 V (PP3) battery clips or multi-cell AA holders. (A real lab bench supply is ideal for experiments but somewhat expensive.)

KJ6EAD said:
P.S. When asking for sourcing information it helps to have your location indicated in your profile.
LOL, that's kind of funny since you indicate you are specifically from the little place called “Earth”. :) I know you aren't the one asking for sourcing info, but it's funny nonetheless.