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    Mar 1, 2010
    hello ,
    i am mechanical engineer please i just want to ask about the RMS value why i use it and when what is the benifit of use the whole things please if u have an answer
    thank u all
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    Apr 20, 2004
    We use the RMS value of AC electricity so the power calculations are the same as those for DC power.
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    RMS (root-mean-square) is the AVERAGE current flowing in a circuit. As you know, AC is by definition alternating, so the best we can get to a 'real number' for it is the RMS average. It's a "power average", too....

    The true AC level (peak) is 1.414 times the RMS value. RMS = .707*peak.
    >>>At the RMS value, the current will do as much WORK as the same level of DC voltage<<<. Hence the term 'power average'.

    An example is 120VAC, RMS (U.S. line voltage)...its peak is 170VAC or so. But the average 120V will do as much work as 120 volts DC.
    You get used to using it after a while :eek:)
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