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:confused: Hi guys,:)

I'm working in project called "Smart nursing", in this project we use microcontroller to control drawers to open in a certain times to remind the concerned people about the time of the medicine and the type.

The microcontroller is sending signal to the drawers at a certain time to open and then another signal for the closing, but unfortunately the output signal which is from the microcontroller is V=5V and I=20 micro A. But the drawers need I = 200mA actually I tried many circuits to solve this problem like Darlington but I can't get the required current. Can any one help me please?.

How can I amplify current from 20micro A up to 200mA?:)


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Use the 5 volt signal from the microprocessor to switch a logic-level FET. Select one that will handle 500 ma @ the desired voltage.

Probably be better advice if we had a circuit to look at.


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can you post the circuit you have made? maybe you have configured it in the wrong way. show us the schem and we can make appropiate suggestions.:)



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You could use a op-amp wired as a voltage follower. You just have to connect the op-amp output to its "-" input, so negative feedback could be performed. For that you have to use an op-amp capable of delivering 200mA (I had in mind the LM324 but that won't do).
You could search in: http://www.national.com/products/tree/table.do?treeId=14.

But do you really need a current amplifier? Or you just want to process digital signals?