AAC Web site changes?

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Joined Apr 7, 2006
Its been a couple of weeks since I last visited AAC.
The web page layout is different.

Can you tell me/list if the contents has changed or there are new additions?



Joined Nov 17, 2003
There have been several updates and corrections to chapters here at AAC (see the Changelog at ibiblio).

We have introduced a new site map, which acts as a contents page to all Volumes and Chapters of the e-book (ref. http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/l_sitemap.html)

Additionally, the search feature has been updated (now powered by Google) which provides faster and more relevant searches, plus it searches the forums for relevant topics.

Finally, there have been several updates behind the scenes including a new server, more refined website coding, and e-book update features that ensure the e-book is up to date as soon as they are available.