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I am just curious, will there ever come a time, when the whole AAC site will be filled?
Today I was looking at the Volume III - Semiconductors , and the field effect transistors chapters are still empty.

It would be great if someone could take it to the end, I would mostly apreciate the common source, drain and gate parts, and enhanced-type FETs.



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Hi kubeek,

The on-line textbook here at AAC is an ongoing process, with chapters and modifications being made to the textbook all the time. Presently the progression of the textbook is under the control of Dennis Crunkilton who took over when Tony Kuphaldt decided to step aside. At the moment Dennis is the key driver in the project.

As for when the textbook will be finished, well sadly this is an answer that cannot be given at this stage since the textbook is written by volunteers in their own time and at their own discretion.

I would like to think that the AAC on-line textbook project could be opened up to wider input to assist in its wider development and quicker completion, and this is something we could certainly look into in the future.

Hope that at least gives you some information, sorry that I cannot be more specific on when the textbook will be finished.



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My goal is to finish the semiconductors volume 3 in about two years, since this is the one we get the most requests for. The others have had some chapters added in the last few years, Karnaugh Mapping and Shift registers in Digital vol 4, AC motors in AC volume 2. As for completion of volumes other than volume 3, that is too far in the future for me to predict.