a Temperature sensor project

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hi :)

my semester project is to build a temperature sensor cct. , and this is my first time to deal with something like that :D , but i think it needs a microcontroller !! :rolleyes:

i really need help on finding a suiltable cct diagram to work on and to understand how it works :D

thnxx in advance :)


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You might want to spend a little time looking around to see what looks good and fits your budget and abilities. Here is a link to several circuits - http://www.discovercircuits.com/T/thermometer.htm

There is always the LM34 -> op amp -> ICL7107 3 1/2 digit converter and display driver.

If you see something interesting, use Google to find data sheets which will explain how the individual devices work.

And come back and ask questions.


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That may be easier than you think. It works with a stand-alone analog to digital converter. You can probably use a wall transformer rated at 12 volts DC and about 200 ma current in place of the transformer and bridge.

The big problem I have now is getting ready for Thanksgiving. That will keep me pretty busy for most of the rest of today and tomorrow, when the kids come over.

You might look up the data sheets for the various parts and see what you may be dealing with. That will help you see how the schematic works. I or somebody will look in and see what we can do to help.