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To whom in may concern,

IN all about circuits,
Volume III - Semiconductors » SOLID-STATE DEVICE THEORY »
Valence and Crystal structure
second and third "Na" atom pictures interchanged, please correct this.

Thank you for providing this excellent online textbook.

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Not corrected Still.
Please correct this error.
I believe the reason that the error has not been fixed in the AAC forum is that they lag corrections in the ibiblio.org site as it requires the updated version to be transferred from ibiblio.org to the forum which takes several days.



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The reason this is not an error is that this set of volumes uses "electron flow " instead of "conventional current flow". It is the right handed rule if you point your thumb in the direction of current flowing out of the (+) battery terminal through the wire to the (-) battery terminal. It is the left handed rule if you poit your thumb in the direction of electrons flowing out the (-) terminal of the battery through the wire back to the (+) terminal.