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A simple question. It always makes me laugh when I see this in a subject line. First, how does the OP know it is a simple question, if the OP does not know the answer?

And many of these "simple" questions go on for 20, 30 posts or more all for one "simple" question.

Frankly I think that if you put "simple question in your subject line, you are really showing your ignorance.


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And if it were a simple question why can't the op find the answer himself?
What is the definition of a simple question?
Maybe it is a question that is easy to state, e.g.

Why is snow white?
Why is water clear?
What does vacuum smell like?
Why is an electron negatively charged?


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I too have noticed and commented on the fact that any question with "simple" in the title requires at least 30 posts to complete. If it says "doubt" it came from India. I did eventually learn not get my panties in a twist over those but I still get steamed about the point and click generation. Apparently somebody told them that you can find anything on the internet, and you don't need to understand it...just print it, sign it, and turn it in.

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Other than questions like "What is your favorite color", there are few simple questions. Or at least few simple questions. For example "Why is snow white"? Well the simple answer is because it reflects all colors.

But that is not the real the answer. The real answer is exceedingly complex, starting from the molecular structure of water all the way through the complexities of how your brain interprets color.


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Thank you much sir consider my post, I must find total reactance of circit in diagram, doubt


please to enjoy diagram i must find

1) exponential decay constat circit
2) manufacturer (in india please) of good kapacitor
3) number electrons in field surrounding inductor

thank you kind sir for expert advis