A Short Transmission Line with Transformer

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    A 3 phased overhead line 200 km long has resistance 0.16 Ω/phase supplies a load at 0.85 lagging power factor. For a line current of 1,000 A the receiving and sending voltage are to be maintained at 230 kV. Calculate

    a) rating of synchronous capacitor required in MVA
    b) the load current
    c) the load MVA.

    Power drawn by the capacitor may be neglected.

    So far what I have:
    I draw a diagram depicting the problem according to my understanding. From the diagram, the cap is inserted parrarel to the transformer so that i line is splited into i load and i cap. What I understand, in order to get the cap MVA rating is by getting i cap first, but I cannot figure it out how to get i cap with the information provided by the problem.

    The question is, am I in the right direction? If it is, how can I continue? If not what part should I start the problem with?

    Thanks in advance
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