A quick review of the Ender 3 Pro 3D printer

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I use pronto print and a tiny computer to control the printer remotely, it would be nice if the alarm could activate the pause function on pronto print but not absolutely necessary. As long as I am here I can hear the alarm I can probably fix the problem before I have to abort the print.


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I don't recommend Ender 3pro, I've had the same problem with it. After a lot of research, I've bought recently on Amazon the Creality printer #4 from the list https://43dprint.org/best-3d-printers-under-2000/ came out on top for the best entree lv printer and quality for my needings. After using it for a while I must say I am very pleased with it. It all depends on what you want to do with it. You can compare printing speeds and layer height with a few printers this will affect the printing quality. I use mostly PALE because it is very strong and doesn't really have a smell to it. Printing with abs requires a more closed printer casing for the smell and to even keep the heat in.
I've it, the shipped magnetic bed is quite sticky, the things that matter is
1) level the bed
this uses a piece of paper, a little tricky but necessary
2) heat up the bed adequately (60 deg for PLA, 90-100 deg for ABS)
I think that matters and improves adhesion.

Ender 3 (pro) is much easier to assemble than a kit that i bought long back. That other kit is nearly a scratch build with more than possibly a hundred disparate components. In the end after 2 weeks trying to put that together, it didn't work!
Ender 3 (pro) is partially assembled and I assembled it in a single day, and it has been working since.