A problem of bank selection 16F877A

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    Apr 19, 2012
    Hi everyone,
    I am programming for pic 16F877A in PICC. The program is writen in assembly, There is a strange that make me confused:
    In order to set all pins of port B are output , I used two command:
    MOVLW 0x00 // assign W=0X00
    MOVWF TRISB // set all bit of trisb to zero
    but when I watch in list file after compilation, a feel confused when it is like that:
    MOVLW 00 // assign W=0X00
    BSF 03.5 // set RP0 bit to choose bank1 contain TRISB
    MOVWF 06 // Move W to f
    I think it have to MOVWF 86 because 86 is address of TRISB , 06 is address of PORTB.
    But my program still work exactly.
    Would you help me explain why it is happen like that?
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Hopefully by now you have found the data sheet for the 877A. If you look at "FIGURE 2-3: PIC16F876A/877A REGISTER FILE MAP" you can see the special function registers and memory registers are placed in 4 "banks."

    Why? The entire memory address runs from 0x000 to 0x1FF, which takes 9 bits to hold. If you peek into "TABLE 15-2: PIC16F87XA INSTRUCTION SET" you can see the instructions only have place to hold 7 bits to specify a register.

    So where do the other 2 bits come from? The "Register Bank Selection" bits of the Status register. See " Status Register" Also note in Fig 2-3 the Status register appears in all banks, so it is always accessible.

    You could write your own code to set the bits as needed, or you can use the banksel [label] macro. That macro takes the register of [label] and makes the correct code to set the bank bits. Look for it in the MPASM Assembler Help file found under MPLAB's help menu.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    Thanks a lot.
    I got it now.