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    Feb 26, 2010
    HI all,

    can anyone advise me on how to make a slow rising tone, lasting say 15 seconds from ovolts to the cut of frequency, so what I mean Im use to the 555 timer in astable mode, and normally do my own ideas, I want the above tone to rise from 0v until the sound finishes.. example like when you switch on the camera charge... and it sweals all the way up.. but slower as stated above.... a single tone would do... then I can FM that tone with a second Astable... to CV .. if needed,

    I now know Frequency control & volume control on how to do it.. but the above I must confess I dont.. :-(

    And can it be done using the 555 Timer IC??

    many thanks to all who reads this.. Im not bad at electronics.. but get stuck on certain complex things..
    very much appriciated..
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