A Newbie requiring advice

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I am interested in knowing how PDA's are built and how their various functionalities are programmed. Which of these sub-forums would I need to spend the most time and where else (external to the forum) can I gleam some valuable information.



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PDA's are indeed complex and proprietary. I'm sorry to say that the most closest thing you can get to a PDA is an 8-bit computer (and believe me that those are also complex in nature, maybe too complex for a newbie in electronics.

It would be wise to say: start out with simple projects. Understand basic logics first. Starting with complicated projects would be a bad idea and could lead you to give up from the electronics subject. I think nobody started with a complex project without having simpler projects made first, despite of what they might say.

It is always good to acquire some experience in the field, and a practical one. For me, practical experience is more important than theory.