A little help with hall effect switches and Buckpuck led drivers

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Hi all, im trying to design a very sleek dimmer circuit to power the interior lighting of my expedition vehicle.

The interior lights are being replaced with 36SMD led panels inside of the dome housings. Now, im looking for a very low profile method of dimming them, whilst still having an on off function with the existing door opening ect.

The lights are map lights, so one for driver, one for passenger.

What i would like is for them to be on as 50% as standard, with the ability to use hall effect thumb wheels to either dim them or brighten them from here.

What i came up with so far was;

These thumbwheels with;

These buckpuck drivers (Im unsure which one yet, as the leds haven't arrive to measure their power consumption, im expecting around 700ma per panel.

Now, from what i can gather, these drivers set brightness depending on a permanent voltage to the 0-5v source, with the thumb wheels i have chosen, they have a spring to centre reset, which is at 0v, then minus 5v in either way, meaning they would only work when im holding the thumbwheels in one direction, not as a 'flick the thumbwheel to turn the brightness up abit'

Can anyone confirm my thinking and suggest a method of using these thumbwheels to achieve what im looking for?

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