A Little Help with a LM3914 situation

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Newbie here with a question on developing a flashing circuit based on the LM3914 chip.

The NS datasheet includes a flashing circuit using a single LM3914 chip. I'm building a circuit using three LM3914 chips to drive 3 x 10 LED bar graphs (30 LEDs in bar mode - I have a jones for light bars). Anyway I want them (all 30 LEDs) to flash when the signal voltage exceeds 10 VDC. The single chip method taps into pin 18 then through a cap and resistor to the pin 8 junction with resistor after pins 6 & 7. This did not work with all three chips. Any hints/help/snide comments?



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No guarantees, but see the attached.

The idea, with a single unit, is that when the top LED comes on, its cathode goes low and pulls-down on the HI reference which causes all the leds to turn on. The cap charges and discharges accordingly and the top LED cathode alternates between Hi/Lo.

The problem could be the daisy-chain of the HI ref into the LO ref of the next unit, which means the added circuit will be pulling down on both references and it won't flash.