A little help with a audio connector

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I have no clue what to call it, but I saved a plug from a trash circuit that allows you to plug a set of headphones into it ( a little help on the name would be awesome)

(please forgive me for any errors I'm a youngster)

As for how to connect it is a mystery. I have tested it every which way and I still cant seem to hook it up right. From what I have gathered so far is that two wires (carrying the signal) seem to hook up to one pin and the power/RL channels seem to connect to separate ones

temp.JPG(possibly mislabeled)

but then there are two pins that seem to do nothing.


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Could that possibly be a 3.5mm audio connector? There are also 2.5mm or 1/4" in addition to the 3.5mm. For headphones, it would have to be a stereo connector.


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That is normally called a jack, not a plug, and one pin is common ground, two are L, R and two are normally closed cancelling contacts; used as to disconnect speakers when an earphone is plugged in.
Probably taken from a stereo or PC audio card.

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War bird

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Now, can any one give me a basic audio circuit that is by-passable by a pair of headphones? (I have a hard time doing this)