A laugh and a rant about pagers

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Hi guys,

    Just been out on top of a very cold car park trying to get some satellite images from the NOAA satellites. Done it at home and was really quite successful, as below:


    But I thought I'd try it at uni. So me and a few friends went up to the top of a carpark. I pulled a good prank on the guy who was tasked to hold it up. I informed him that the QFH was designed to focus the RF energy onto the feeder cable, and that there was a slight risk of it mis-focussing onto his head. So to dissipate any heat he had to wear this:


    Quite funny really. :D

    But then, oh my. Pagers. Seriously, they are such a chuffing nuisance. Just take a look at this spectrum, tuned to 137.9125MHz, then compare the exact same spectrum when a pager is on. No change in settings.



    Totally drowns it out. Of course, it the one or two seconds between pagers, there was some really good signal from the satellite, but the pagers just ruined them totally. Not surprising at 60dB above anything else!!!

    Ah well.

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