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  1. Harb

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    Jul 1, 2009
    Hi guys,
    Firstly Mods if this is in the wrong spot please feel free to move it.

    I have been a reader here more than a poster so far, but I am hoping I can find the right person amongst the members here.

    I own and operate a TV outside broadcast Company here in NSW Australia.
    I am looking for someone to employ on a casual basis to be trained up as a TV Cameraman and general knockabout around here for various things.
    The Main Job will be operating Broadcast TV Camera's, which you would be trained up on here on the job, but a Knowledge in Electronics will be a help, but not essential
    Why look here on an electronics forum......well lets just say, knowing the difference between a BNC connector and an XLR will save me lots of hair pulling !!!

    This person would need to be in South Western Sydney Australia, but if you are somewhere near Sydney and would be happy to travel to work at the various venues, by all means contact me.
    The job location varies, mostly based in various parts of Sydney, but may also from time to time involve travel.
    You would need your own transport, but It may be possible for you to travel with the OB Van to longer jobs after meeting at a predetermined point, so we would need to talk about that.

    Please Contact me here if you think you fit the bill.


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  2. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Are you a public broadcast station or cable company, manning a camera with a

    director talking into your ear is not difficult. A small operation has three camera's

    to produce a telecast. More..........timing is every thing.
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  3. Harb

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    Jul 1, 2009
    Hi loosewire,

    We are an outside broadcast company based in western Sydney Australia.
    We do around 380 to 620 Ob's a year with various amounts of camera's from 3 to 20 roughly depending on the job.
    Yeah the job is pretty easy, but it would be good to have someone into electronics.