a good one to share ( a poem )

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I'm trying so hard
To be really good,
And do all things
I know that I should.

But I'm just a kid, Mom,
I'm messy and slow,
I don't eat my veggies,
And I'll clean my room, I know!

And I don't pick my toys up,
And I don't like my bath,
I'm trying to learn my spelling,

So, you're stuck with me, Mom,
And I'm a lot of work, I know.
But I'm sure that you will help me
As I learn new things and grow.

I won't always be so messy.
Some day I might be neat.
And then I won't hide my veggies.
Every time I eat!

My room might end up tidy,
I won't complain about a bath,
Some day I'll teach you how to spell
And I'll be a genius at my Math

But that might take a long time, long time,
Cause, I'm still a kid you see.
I've got to grow up for a while,
Then I'll make you proud of me.

So, thanks for understanding,
Like Mothers always do.
And for taking me the way I am
I will always love you


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Poems have a way of letting us say things we feel we couldn't express otherwise.


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Thank you for that LightFire!

It reminds me of a favorite of mine:

Title: Always Saying "Don't!"
Author: Edgar A. Guest

Folks are queer as they can be,
Always sayin' "don't" to me;

Don't do this an' don't do that.
Don't annoy or tease the cat,

Don't throw stones, or climb a tree,
Don't play in the road. Oh, Gee!

Seems like when I want to play
"Don't" is all that they can say.

If I start to have some fun,
Someone hollers, "Don't you run!"

If I want to go an' play
Mother says: "Don't go away."

Seems my life is filled clear through
With the things I mustn't do.

All the time I'm shouted at:
"No, no, Sonny, don't do that!"

Don't shout so an' make a noise,
Don't play with those naughty boys,

Don't eat candy, don't eat pie,
Don't you laugh and don't you cry,

Don't stand up and don't you fall,
Don't do anything at all.

Seems to me both night an' day
"Don't" is all that they can say.

When I'm older in my ways
An' have little boys to raise,

Bet I'll let 'em race an' run
An' not always spoil their fun;

I'll not tell 'em all along
Everything they like is wrong,

An' you bet your life I won't
All the time be sayin' "don't."


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There once was a young Boche at Benzeztin,
Who liked the first trench that he went in,
But when a 15" dud,
Sent him flat in the mud,
He found that his helmet was bent in.


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I grew up with this, can't think of anything better...

You mustn't swim till you're six weeks old,
Or your head will be sunk by your heels;
And summer gales and Killer Whales
Are bad for baby seals.
Are bad for baby seals, dear rat,
As bad as bad can be.
But splash and grow strong,
And you can't be wrong,
Child of the Open Sea!


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Someone painted "April Fools"
in big black letters
on a Dead End sign.

I had my foot on the gas
as I left the road
and blew-out my mind.

Eight miles out of Memphis
and I got no spare,
Eight miles straight up,
downtown somewhere...