A Fridge Compressor?

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Why is it called a fridge compressor anyway? should it not be more of a pump? Pumping the gas through the pipes?..

My idea was to try and inflate an inflatable armchair and place cold air inside somehow so you can sit on it on a hot sunny day, how would one go about that anyway lol.....


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The fridge system is a heat pump, shifting heat from in side an insulated box, absorbing heat into the evaporator. this heat is then givenup to the outside air from the condenser. The Compressor is the part that Compreses the refrigerant gas into the Condenser as high pressure vapour. There is a capilliary tube on the outlet of the Condenser to create a restriction, this causes the high pressure vapour to change to a high pressure liquid. When this HP liquid reaches the end of the capillary tube it enters the evaporator, as a low pressure liquid. Here the LP liquid boils as it absorbs heat & changes to a low pressure vapour. This low pressure vapour travels through the suction line back to the Compressor where the process is repeated. This is just a simple ilustration on how a fridge works, this should give you an understanding of why its called a Compressor & the system is a Heat pump.