A different tdcs schematic I found

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A new website (well, like a year or so since i saw it)<snip> put up their schematic of their tdcs machine.

It's been a year and I still have no clue at all how to make this simple device. it's mainly the current regulator that confuses me. There's 3 pins on the lm334z. What does the 3 pins mean and what do I do with it?

Being a biochemist, this stuff totally confuses me.
Anyone could draw a bio-major friendly diagram of how to connect this thing?

This schematic is a little too fancy than I want. I don't need the led. I only need the cathode/anode sponges, the LM334z current regulator, and the resistors to make the current through the anode 2ma. I don't need all the different settings and extra stuff.
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