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    Dec 14, 2009
    Well i am getting a Xbox 360 and im pretty sure we are all aware of the cooling rrod problems. So i am makeing my own cooling system with4 120 MM led fans. But i know nothin about electronics like resitors and stuff. So i want to powe these for fans for the wall. SO if i could have like a schematic. I guess would need so wire solder and resitors and tranforments to power the fans.
    Model No. CF12SL-4C
    Material Transparent PU plastic Color transparent (clear)
    Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    Fan Speed 1500 ± 10% RPM Air Power 12 VDC
    Noise Level 24.7 dBA Operation Voltage Range 10.8 VDC ~ 13.2 VDC
    Start-up Voltage 6 VDC
    Rated Voltage 12 VDC
    Rated Current 0.25 A
    Lock Rotor Current 0.25 A
    Air Flow 57.67 CFM
    Static Air Pressure 1.66mm-H2O Connector 4 pin

    This is the specs for the fans btw thansk for the help
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    Here's one option you could use for a power supply:
    12VDC, 1A unregulated. That'll be fine for fans. Inexpensive, too.

    Just connect up all 4 of your fans in parallel, connect them to the "wall wart" power supply, and plug it in the wall. You'll need to figure out using a volt meter which lead from the wall wart is positive and which is negative - or just connect the fans up and see if it spins in the right direction. If not, reverse the connections from the wall wart.
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    Dec 8, 2009
    Most if not all wallwart should have a little diagram indicating the polarity of the plug

    either center negative

    (+) ----C•---- (-)

    or center positive

    (-) ----C•---- (+)
    Make sure you use DC. You can also use an old computer power supply (wont be pretty unless you make a box for it) but you would have the ability to run at 12V (+12 and ground) or 7V (+12 and +5) to run the fans at a lower voltage to make them quieter.

    4 fans seem a tad overkill - I have 2 80mm in my computer case I have running at 7V. adn a few others. I made a fanbus for the front of the case. 6 switches to switch from 7V-OFF-12V so I can adjust how much cooling I need (and how much noise I want to deal with)