A Converter without a transformer

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Is it possible to have a 110 v AC to 12 v DC converter circuit without using a transformer?
It is possible to do that conversion, but I would only recommend using that method providing that the PSU is sealed in order to prevent a possible electric shock as there is NO isolation from the 110V supply.

How is the PSU going to be used.?



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The danger involved is why it is against the terms of service to discuss their implementation.

But, yes, it is possible.

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I have recently opened the internal circuit of an LED bulb which works with 110 v AC to drive 4 LEDs which they need 12 v DC. This circuit includes only 2 resistors, a capacitor, and an Ic probably a Diode bridge. I' m wondering how it may work without a transformer!!?


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Just go to google and search "transformerless power supply"..

This post is going to be locked soon because the owners of this site have decided that it is against the rules to discuss these types of power supplies on this forum because it can be very dangerous for inexperienced users..


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hi Mahmoudtak,
If you have to ask how a transformer-less, non mains isolated converter works, my advice would be not to attempt to copy/build or repair this type of unit.

The low cost of a transformer isolated 'wall wart' or equivalent type is well worth the investment.

And never throw away the transformer when you take apart say old amplifiers and other stuff.

Over the years i've built up a large inventory of various transformers ranging from 15VA up to 1.5kVA.


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Please note that discussion of transfomer-less power supplies is prohibited on All About Circuits.

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Transformer-less power supplies
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