A chip for digital comparision + doing few things beside that !!

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Hello guys ...

    a portion of my project where I come to a big world ... I dont know much about microcontollers , memories and programming them ... so i hope u can help me on this while Im spending some times finding books about these ..

    Ok, the portion of my project is as follows :


    1) An analog-to-digital converter will push a bunch of bits as an output to ..

    2) .. to Digital Magnitude Comparator, so it will compare the ADC value with another digital value coming from a Memory ..

    3) as the Comparator makes its decision (Memo value vs. ADC value), the comparator will have two main jobs as follows:
    A. higher digital value will be pushed into a memory and stored - to be used again in step 2 ..

    B. The Comparator will enable a switch for another circuit if the value coming from the ADC is greater than the value of the memory ..

    C. if the value of the memo is greater than value coming from the ADC, do not change the value of the memo and do not enable the switch ...
    4) another requirement is, steps 1 through 3 to be processed on regular intervals ( say every 2 seconds) ...


    this is the scenario I have in my mind ... is there a microcontroller that can do all of that ( apart from the ADC job, which i think can be implemented alone ) ... if so, what chip is it ? would u please reference a to a datasheet ? what books do u suggest to study such coding ?

    I appreciate any help u can offer .. and thanks in advance !!!!
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    Sep 7, 2009
    A lot of microcontrollers have 10 bit ADCs built in for example the PIC12F675. If you need to interface with an external ADC the choice of chip will be influenced by the interface on the ADC chip - parallel, I2C, etc.