A-B Amp Switcher

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    May 22, 2014
    I hate packaging. Its the scourge of the world and we deserve to drown in it. Rant over.
    Bought an iPod that was stolen by the wife (of course) and the clear plastic box was just left on the side holding the redundant spare ear bud covers.
    My 'interior design ethic' leans toward the Swedish. Clutter eventually gets dealt with viciously; sometimes by passing through the workshop and emerging like a butterfly if at all possible.
    When building my first amp kit I was forever re-plugging my the speakers on my Marshall cab when A/B-ing the sound - the crimps fall off the speaker connections and even though I know copper is expensive Marshall China were just stingy with the cabling length.
    With a little help from Craig Anderton's Guitar Projects book I came up with a neat solution to put the box to good use and practice my woeful soldering technique.
    It was an unplanned accident that the ear buds and instructions still fit in the box. I know its humble and not very electronic but we all have to start somewhere.
    Comments and suggestions for quad+ use gratefully received. I've already sussed I can turn it around for switching between two guitars.