9v regulator 7809 off 12v

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I'm working on a project that will run off arduino and also needs a 9v line(guitar pedal circuit). I have a 7805 for the atmega328 so I figured I can just use a 7809 for the pedal line. Additionally it seems most logical to run them both off a 12v wall wart. But all the 7809's I'm finding says primary input voltage of 15v. Is that a problem or can I still use 12v?

Also whats the difference between Low Drop Out and Linear if they both claim a drop out of 2v?


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A LM7809 datasheet shows a min input Vi of 11.5V with a dropout of 2V
A low dropout version like the KA78R09C shows a dropout of .5V
Not sure where you are getting your information from.


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Most 7809 will work with 12V input as they typically drop 2V.I dont know which 7809 you are talking about ,can you provide us the datasheet?


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The dropout on the 78xx series regulators is ~2v at low current. It basically depends on your load as to how much that dropout will increase.

If you are using an unregulated "wall-wart" type plug supply, you will likely find that it has a low value for the filter cap; you'll need to add more capacitance than the mandatory 0.33uF input caps to the regulators.

Also, unregulated "wall wart" supplies output within roughly ~10% of the voltage at the rated current; at low current the output voltage will be a fair bit higher.