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Hey anyone with good microelectronics background help me with a 9V battery substitution solution.
Basically i have a circuit that operates on a 9V design and and the 9V battery is too big for my project. i need a 9V and current equivalent source to drive my circuit and as small as possible.

i found some solutions like using voltage booster IC, putting button cell in series. the best solution i think is putting hearing aid cell (1.5v) in series but i am not sure if it works(current-wise).

Anyone can clarify my solution above if it works or suggest me some other solutions?



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What do you mean "current equivalent"?

Using 2 AA batteries and a boost circuit can be made to output 9V @ 100mA for a long time

Did you mean runtime, or current draw?

What is the amount of current drawn from the 9V battery?

Better yet, what is the project, there could be an easier way to do it.

Photos and schematic help. Designing anything around a 9V battery isn't recommended, as they only have a capacity of about 200-300mAH

--ETA: Stack 3 CR2032 batteries, same mAH but can only output 10mA. Size: 60mmx96mm