8x8 LED matrix display

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  1. curious7

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    Jan 24, 2013

    I Start working on LED matrix Display.
    Ma first aim is to implement 8x8 Led Matrix in C.
    I read some articles related about matrix. So what will be the all process to implement this.
    There will scanning rows and columns, display the char so any guidance or tips for S/W implementation.
    I am going to use PIC18F44J50 Micro controller for on LED matrix Display.

  2. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Step zero for this code is to design some hardware.

    Since you need 8 rows, 8 columns and the PIC18F44J50 has two ports (B and D) there is the possibility of a convenient 1 to 1 correspondence between port pins and LED rows & columns.
  3. curious7

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    Jan 24, 2013
    ya thnx,

    actually We need to have a common connection for each row as well as each column. Because of our row and column driver choice we need to have the anode (positive lead of the LED) connected by row and the cathode (negative lead of the LED) connected by column. also we suppose to be use Counter decoder : cd4017
    Buffer : 74lv573