89c51 microcontroler

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Respected mates i juss join this forum....... buddies i need to knw about 89c51 microcontroler. i wana make an assembly code....... the program may be of any sort but it must be in assmebly language....

Kindly plz tell me how can i write a program and how it is stored in the 89c51



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well hello,

you must have these things to write to 89c51:
1. a compiler, e.g. ASM51
2. a programmer, and the uploader

you write the program in any text editor, then compile it to .hex using ASM51, and then
upload the .hex to the chip using the programmer

why don't you use 89s51 instead? because you can program it with a very minimal system
(in system programming), you don't have to use complex programmers.

you can find a good tutorial in www.mytutorialcafe.com, see the 8051 page.