89c51 generic board design

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    Apr 15, 2010
    When I took the course of microcontrollers, I decided to come up with my own design of this testing board, what I call the “GENERIC BOARD” (general purpose testing board) for 8051 Microcontroller.

    In attachment i have attached the picture of generic board.now i want to have all same features and size to get reduced and also the components must be arranged in a order can anyone help me and make up a pcb layout in proteus and pcb design i need it.

    The design is simple and requires some basic components.

    All the ports of 8051 can be accessed at the same time.
    Bidirectional buffers 74LS245 are there on each port as a protection. There are switches to control the direction of buffers .
    Cream shells and female connectors gives the external connectivity to the ports on both sides of the buffers.
    LED banks are connected to each port to display the status of each port.
    Two 7-Segment displays are also there on the board.
    Separate LED banks isolated from the 8051 ports are also present on the board.
    the board is with serial port.

    (and also tell me some creative projects of 89c51 + send me pcd design and layout files)