80v dc source

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i am triyng to build an 80 v dc source for a project i know that the easieste way to do oit is to use a transformer but getting an 80 volts transformer is imposible for me.
is there any other way to drop the voltaje to 80 volts before the diode bridge?


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Can you get a transformer with a 56 volt secondary? Rectification and filtering will give close to 80 VDC. How much current and how accurate must the 80 volts be?


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What is your output current requirement?

If small, you could go with, say, a 24vac transformer, and use a voltage quadrupler circuit - just diodes and capacitors. You won't get a lot of current, but that's one inexpensive way to go.

Here's a page with example voltage doubler, tripler and quadrupler schematics:
You could use 1N4004 or 1N4007 epoxy rectifiers for the diodes, among others.

Voltage regulation (if required) will require a bit of research. I don't know offhand of a single-IC solution for a Vreg for that high of a voltage.