806 problem?

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    Mar 12, 2010
    First post so be gentle with me.

    Peaugot 806, 2.0hdi on 51 plate.

    Tried to fit new radio and when sat on lap all worked fine. Inserted into space and wont work. Run out of day light trying to rectify, so disconnected to try another day.

    Got up for work and the heater blower and digital clock not working either. Checks handbook for fuses etc and sure enough one was blown. Replaced, but blower and digatial clock still not working. Nor is the radio when reconected.

    All fuses on all 3 fuse boxes checked and all fine. RAC person checks feeds to radio and LIVE is fine. A/C buttons light up(on same fuse).

    I am no electrictian, but know my way around a motor(ex apprentice mechanic) and its got me stumped?...

    Any help folks?

    kind regards Jeff