8051 Microcontroller Bicycle Odometer Project

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Looking for good resources or advice on the project outlined below.
    The 8051 microcontroller must be programmed using assembly language.

    Inputs = reed switch

    Outputs = 7 segment LCD display

    Project Description

    In this project a magnet will be attached to the bicycle wheel and a reed switch will be attached to the fork of the bicycle. A 8051 microcontroller will
    count the number of pulses from the reed switch and calculate the distance
    the bicycle has travelled. The value will be displayed on a LCD display.

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    May 11, 2009
    Well, what do need help with here? I do not hope you want us to just hand over a ready made solution
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    Search the forum for 8051 (for the basics), switch debouncing (for the input switch), LCD etc.

    The first step would be to post a block diagram, flow chart and possibly a schematic with the actual PN of the 8051 you are using (there are lots of variants). List any specific parts you expect to use (LCD module etc).

    A segmented LCD will require an 8051 with an LCD controller built in (a' la PIC 16F917 et al), a separate module with built-in controller (similar to the ubiquitous LCD dot matrix units) or a roll your own LCD glass with some controller chip that uses SPI, I2C etc. to talk to the processor.

    For firmware, you'll need the reed switch debounced driving a basic counter but also routines to convert from a count to distance (math), convert the distance to BCD then to the raw segment patterns to generate the 7-seg LCD. When you do the block diagram/flow chart you'll be able to organize your thoughts and ask for specific help.
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    I am currently doing the Bike Computer using 16F628 following the website here

    The 16F628 Bike Compyter

    Plus here's an article by John Beaker called "PIC Agoras wheelie meter" which is also about a bicycle compter. You can download them here

    John Beaker's Bike computer for EPE

    Your project uses 8051 but the principle should be the same. The Bike computer also uses reed contact as input and calculates the RPM and speed of the bike. Just have a read and enjoy.

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