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sharat chandra

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i have set out to do a simple project on micro controller
can anyone suggest me the simplest program to test whetehr a microcontrololer is working..
also kindly be gracious enough to detail me about the way i have to go about in order to setup a working micro controller


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I have moved your post to this section which is more appropriate.

This is hard to answer, as there are a great many variations on the 8051 microcontroller. In general, in order to function, any microcontroller needs memory and some external device to communicate through. Some 8051 variants have memory built in. Of course, you will also need to have some means of placing a program into the memory so the 8051 can be seen to execute the instructions.

The 8051 needs some external device like a UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter)or a PIA(parallel interface adapter) to communicate with a display or another computer.

8051's have been around for a very long time. Google brings up 6,380,000 on the term "8051". Every manufacturer that makes one has a vast body of documents that show typical applications, and even the code to perform many functions. You may expect to spend considerable time studying how the device operates and how to interface it to displays and such before you can get one to demonstrate that it is functioning.


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The simplest non-trivial program I can think of is to turn an output on and off at a rate which is perceptable to a human. If this output can activate an LED or a buzzer then so much the better.

1 Hz. or one cycle per second is perceptable. This would correspond to 500 milliseconds ON and 500 milliseconds OFF. There are a great many ways to determine an interval of 500 milliseconds. How many of them can you find by reading the datasheet of your favorite 8051 variant?


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I would just get a cheapo 8051 dev board off e-bay, you can usually find them for less than $100 with lcd there iirc

try out somebodys free 8051 compiler and start googling '8051 tutorial led blinking'