8-way Switch With 4 Outputs...help?

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I hope this is the right forum...
I have a automotive power window switch...it's for two windows, up/down but also 'one-touch' up/down on both windows...
For example, 1 push is UP, push down further to the second stop, and it's one-touch...

Problem is, there are only 4 output pins (plus 2 for the power/LED's, which I figured out)...
The easy part is, each pin-out give a 'signal' for both switches in both up and down...4 pins. However, when one-touch is triggered, that first pin remains active but the opposite direction pin becomes hot as well...
Drivers window UP is YELLOW
Drivers express UP is YELLOW + GREEN
Except, GREEN is also driver DOWN (by itself)

Put another way;
Driver UP = YEL
Express UP = GRN
Driver DOWN =GRN
Express DOWN = YELL

How can I devise a mechanisim to seperate these functions without signalling the another functions at the same time?
I need something that 'sees' YELL and GRN as up and down independantly, but then, for example, sees the YELL then YELL+GRN and give a seperate signal (to a latch relay)?

I thought about relays, but the switch goes to ground when active, so it would be 4 relays if I'm not mistaking (2 relays to switch polarity)

Here is a schematic of the switch...you can see how they cross-connect...
This is one switch, up/down and express up/express down (2 position)

http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh249/dan2485/Windows Drawings/w d/Poweredwindowsmk15_2.jpg

http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh249/dan2485/Windows Drawings/w d/Poweredwindowsmk15_3.jpg

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I was shown this as a solution...

I wired it together, using micro relays for simulation purposes, but there is a problem I can't diagnois...here is what the relay looks like, physically...

Both NC and NO contacts on the right bank of relays are showing 12V+ at rest (coils not activated...12V+ applied but no ground 'signal' to the coils)
Also the NC contacts on the left bank of relays are also showing 12V+

But the big mystery is, where is this current coming from when everything is at rest??
Especially the NO terminals on the right-side relays!?
I can't possibly see how, looking at the schematic, nor physically looking at the setup...

Anyone have any insight?
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