8 Ultra Bright LEDS

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Basically i want to get 8 ultra bright LEDs to work with a 9v or two.

I need to have them set up with a always on and a flash mode.

Ive never really worked with this kind of stuff before so a full tutorial would be nice :D

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Don't plan to use a 9V battery. They have lousy power capacity. In fact, give some thought to how long you expect this rig to run, and see what it points you to in the way of batteries.

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Super Ultra-Bright White 5mm LED 18000 MCD. Im making a deadmau5 head for my brother and i want 4 of these in each eye. 9v just seemed to be smart.


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What current? Really high power LEDs are described in wattage. For example, I just got a batch of 3W LEDs I will be using for an experiment. They will use 0.7A each, way beyond the range of a 9V battery.

What you are calling Ultra high power may only use 20ma (0.02A). I love it when marketing gets involved with components.

So at this moment we are waiting for specifications from you. :D

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I have some RED LEDs in clear plastic body that are really bright at less than one mA. The red ones are the best for brightness at very low current.


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"Super Ultra-Bright" LEDs without a datasheet are usually ordinary LEDs in a case that focusses the light into a very narrow beam. They can barely be seen if not pointing directly at you. If you use a diffuser then they will not be very bright.

Better LEDs are name-brand, have a detailed datasheet, a wide beam angle and are very bright.


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If you are trying to make a headlamp style light, you'd be much better off going with a single 1 or 3 Watt Cree or Luxeon LED.

Put a regular AA flashlight head reflector around it, and some aluminum to cool it, and it will give you plenty of light.