7 segment circuit design

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Hi, everyone
i have little bit knowledge about electronics and i want to make one 7 segment display counter that operate with Slotted Optical Switch to count.
Please help me.

sorry for bad english

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i want to make 5 digit 7 segment display for my Offset Printing machine that count paper from Slotted Optical Switch, please help me..


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How do you want to build this? On printed PCB or proto PCB? How large should the displays be? Can you use microcontroller? How much do you want to spend on this altogether?


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Have a look at the schematic on page 6.
The 7-segment displays are low current, common anode (CA) type.
No programming is involved.
The output display is six digits, but you could leave off the MSD if you just want 5 digits.

This counter will not have memory; when the power is turned off, the count will be lost.
When power is first applied, the counters will need to be re-set. Otherwise, they may have random numbers stored in them.


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I've used those on a digital clock. If your voltage is much above 5V you will need drivers. To help us help you, how much of what I said made sense to you?


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i had made 5v 7 segment with ic 4026 but it not working properly, it show 1,2,9 only.
Are you using Common Cathode LED? Here is my schematics simulating 3-digit counters using 4026B. C1 and R22 are used for power-up-reset of the counters. pin 1 of U1 is the input for the pulses.

Study it and see the pattern of the inter-digit connections. See if you can work out how to extend it to the 5-digit counter/display that you want. Post here is you have any problem...



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