6V to 3.3V converter for car camera

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My car is providing 6V to OEM camera. I have a much better camera that works on 3.3V.
I bought a $1 Mini360 buck converter and have set it to 3.3V. Everything is working but the image has a slight flicker to it.
Reading online, one of the causes can be switching conversion that buck converter does and I am thinking of replacing it with a linear voltage DC-DC step down instead. This may or may not be an issue due to using buck converter but I want to elimate power first before replacing the video cable.

People seem to recommend AMS1117 3.3V but I think it will heat up a lot and I wont be able to just tape it in the wiring. What are the alternatives to this? Will something like this work as an alternative to AMS1117 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33054550198.html?
Any other similar recommendations?

There is also this but shouldnt this massively heat up? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002440904086.html
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Any linear supply going from 6V to 3.3V produces the same amount of heat. How much current does the camera require?



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The linear regulators will heat by (3V x .5A=1.5 watts) which is too much for what is in the two links.
My thoughts on the Mini-360. You probably need more capacitor on the input and the output.
Try putting a 100uF electrolytic cap on the input and maybe another on the output.