6V coil, line voltage connector relay?

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I need a sort of relay which takes only about 6V in the electromagnet, but can handle line current in the connector? It would also be preferable, not necessary, that it's inverted, so when there is power to the coil, the connector is disconnected, and when no power is in the coil, the connector is connected and 120 volts at roughly 12A flows through.

The only thing I found for this was a SPDT relay, which does not function as I would like.

Does such a thing exist? If not, what can I do to control a line power switch with a 6V circuit?


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Look at motor contactors

They can handle the large currents and will last much much longer than a simple cube relay would when handling currents over 10 amps @ 120 VAC

Better still would be a beefy solid state relay, but at those current levels this option might be more expensive than the contactor.

Google more! You;ll find something


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You just need a Form C relay (aka SPDT) or a Form A NC relay
A SPDT relay will do exactly what you want. Simply use the C and NC contacts instead of the C and NO contacts
Of course the "contact" side must be rated for your 120V @12A

Is the 12A a resistive load?

This company (as well as ANY relay company) has what you want

And so you get your terminology correct a relay as a "Coil" side (the one with the magnet,etc.. that gets energized by your 6V signal) and a "Contact side (that will switch your line voltage on/off)