6S Li-Ion Battery Supply LED Monitor

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    Nov 8, 2009
    The following modified improved circuit was suggested by a forum member - eblc1388- in response to another member, Rainyday101's original circuit question way back in 2010!

    This circuit was implemented in the following manner;
    >22.5v LED green on
    <22.5v LED red on

    The circuit looks very promising, so I thought I'd try to incorporate it in my battery psu. I am running 6 li-ion batteries in series & want monitor the voltages. What component changes or mods if any should I make in order for the LEDs to function in the following manner;

    >22.5v-20.0-Green LED on
    = 20.0 -18v Yello LED on ( red/green bicolor)
    Below <18.0v Red LED on

    If the above is difficult to implement, then the following would suffice.

    > 18v -LED green on
    < 18v -LED red on

    Circuit analysis & design are beyond by ability! So any help or guidance would be of immense help to me.

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