600 Watt Power Transformers

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    4 units available...

    Culled from 600 Watt "Minuteman" Uninterruptable Power Supplies, These transformers are excellent for Amateur Radio / Electric-Electronic Builder-experimenter, for fixed or variable high-amperage power supplies. In like-new condition, they have not been shorted or scorched.

    * Flexibility of application is limited only by individual skill level and imagination..

    Price is firm. $75 - Cash only. They are NOT cheap if purchased retail... Shipping by seller is not available. Unit size is approx 6" cubed, and weighs approx. 40 Lbs. I will meet anyone within 50 miles of Albany NY.

    FEATURES: See Photos: All secondary / primary [ colored leads and their windings ] are # 16.

    Blue/White leads are original 120 VAC primary. Other colored leads, are one coil, tapped at intervals. This coil can serve as an alternate primary, or taps for fixed voltages with the black as "common" Any combination is possible... ONE configuration at a time.. .

    Black and Red leads, are the former battery feed to the 12VDC inverter, and can serve as a high-amperage AC secondary.
    This winding is # 10 and should NEVER be utilized as a 120Volt AC primary winding.

    All secondaries are available to feed a rectifier / regulator circuitry of your own preference. Again... ONE configuration at a time.

    Coils are internally shunted to defeat parasitic capacitance between coils, and all ground hookups [ green wires ] must be solidly grounded prior to energizing ...
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    Looks like a nice unit for the application...
    This one would be more for an amateur " ham " Radio operators power supply, or an experimenter / builders bench... which is what I use my unit for...
    It would power outdoor lights, but would have to be stationed indoors, with wiring leading out for landscaspe lighting.
    Out of curiosity... are the coils of the trans. wound with copper or aluminum ? it makes a huge difference.