6 reasons the guy who fixes your computer hates you

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I used to be that guy. Now I'm old and senile, and a much happier person. I have forgotten everything I used to know, except when it comes to my computer. When I got tired of fixing my boys I taught him how to fix his computer.

I remember with fondness when I turned the computer on and it said ready. It was a much simpler time,and they still had 555s!


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Funny stuff. Did you guys ever see the video Tech guy vs Sale or something like that. It was funny has hell. I would dig it up and post it but I think theres some cursing in it. not sure if thats allowed.


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I used to be that guy. when I was a kid. I built a computer for my aunt out of spare parts I had laying around. Gave it to her, not sold it. it worked, well (when I gave it to her). Worst decision ever. All she did was complain about how slow it was. I had to go over and "fix" it continuously and provide phone support. Finally I got sick of it and told her is was "broke", and took it with me when I left.


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Yeah, you're too young to claim you forgot how. Age can have it's uses.
I didn't say I forgot how. I just said "I used to be that guy". I could be that guy if I wanted to, but I don't extend the offer or profess to be good with computers, so I never get asked. I realized all the benefits that go along with being "that guy" and got out of the game while I still could.


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This issue created a real problem for me. Since fixing computers does create at least 6 reasons to hate the person you are helping, and since I generally only fix the computers of people in my family, my brain would go into an inderterminant short circuit state similar to a robot facing an ethical conflict with the Three Laws of Robotics.

You see, I must love my familiy members and I must help any person I love, but (for at least 6 reasons) I must also hate the person I help. ... Result ... infinite loop without resololution.

My solution was to buy my entire family Mac computers. Problem solved. The computers never give me trouble and I can love my familiy without ethical conflicts. It's a little more expensive in terms of hardware cost, but less expensive overall when potential divorce lawyer fees are factored in.
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