6 lead motor hookup

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Can anyone take a stab at this. I am hooking up a 120/240, single phase, motor for a drill press. The hookup diagram is missing, but here's what it shows. It has 6 leads numbered 1,2,3,4,5 and 8. I need the 120v hookup diagram. any takers? I'm not at the motor right now, but I recall it being 9.5 amps at 120. Thanks, Marty.


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Without knowing things like if it's capacitor start/capacitor run or split capacitor, it's pretty hard to tell. Can you look up a similar model from the manufacturer for a better guess?


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I had a connection diagram but I couldn't upload it because of its size so I'll try ro describe it. Incidentally, it's for a capacitor start motor, probably 0.5 hp.

Leads 1 & 2=run winding #1; leads 3,4=run winding #2; leads 5,8=centrifugal switch, cap & start winding, all in series. For 120V, connect leads 1,3,8 to to one power lead & 2,4,5 to the other. If motor runs backwards, reverse the start string, leads 5 & 8.