6-Bit 0 Counter

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here for the second time. I opened an account a few months ago while I was working on my project. I'm taking digitals right now and I was trying to create a 0 counter. My lab is to design a circuit that takes 6 bits and outputs how many 0s are in them in binary. So input=010111; output=010.

We are given unlimited FA, HA, FS, and logic gates.

I wondered if there was a 6 bit adder by chance but the circuit using only 2 bit adders didn't work properly. If anyone can give me some suggestions, it would be great!!!

- Mori


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Is the input coming in serially (one line with a clock) or parallel (all the bits at once - six lines)? Do you want the output to come out serially or parallel? All combinations are possible.